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We couldn’t be more proud to be have made the AFR Fast Starters list. BUT, the only reason we got there is because we have great people and a great product. We help you save time and money with solar and solar batteries. THEN, we help you manage and monetise them to get the most out of them. 

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Teho is where Australian’s save time and money as they make the switch Renewable energy. We have the best team in the business and that means you get the best energy solutions saving your money and reducing your reliance on the grid.

What Are The Benefits Of Solar and Solar Batteries?

The benefits of a solar and solar and battery systems are vast.



Installing a solar battery at your home will increase your home’s autonomy. You will be able to generate, store and consume your own electricity.


Saving Money

Having a solar or solar and a battery can save you money. Create, store and consume your own clean, green energy meaning less being purchase from your energy retailer.


Blackout Protection

All our batteries come with and are installed with essential circuit backout protection. Don't take the risk with someone else, install with Teho today.


Securing Your Energy Future

Solar and solar and battery systems help you to secure your home against the aggressive price increases of electricity prices. Don't let inflation get your down, get solar and a battery today!


Accessing Virtual Power Plants

Get on the front foot and join a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Installing a solar battery can enable you to join a VPP so you can start to monetise and manage your own energy.

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Part of our growth is because of the incredible businesses we partner with. We do our own due diligence to make sure we are comfortable the businesses we are dealing with are committed to their product, committed to the Australian market and most importantly, manufacture great panels, inverters and batteries. Everyone is different and we make sure we cater for everyone.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Solar saves you money by generating energy from the sun which in turn can be used by you in your home. Any additional energy can be sold back into the grid and you will receive a feed in tariff for every kW you produce.

The two most common forms of payment are cash or payment plans. Cash is self explanatory and a payment plan allows your to break up the cost of your new system over a term.

The ‘solar rebate’ formally known as STC’s (Small-scale technology certificates), while technically not a rebate, are a financial incentive that is part of Australia’s  Renewable Energy Target. They are granted to new solar panel installations and generally signed over by the consumer to a 3rd party in exchange for a cash equivalent when getting solar installed.

Most solar panels in Australia have performance guarantees of 25 years. This doesn’t mean they stop at 25 years however their performance is no longer guaranteed by their manufacturer. Some will last longer, some low quality definitely won’t. 

All products are different however, most inverters we sell have a 10 year product warranty, most solar panels we sell have 25 year warranties and most batteries we sell have 10 year warranties. Make sure you check before you buy so you know what you are getting. 

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