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Everything You Need To Know About Solar Panels In Australia

When looking at solar for your home or business understanding what panels are right for you can be difficult. In Australia, we have a bucket load of brands available before you even consider the panels in their range.

Once you add it all up, there are hundreds to choose from. 

This page is our rock for all things solar panels. The only resource you will ever need. You will find everything you need to know to know right at your finger tips. 

We are big believers in no fluff so if we have already written about something in more detail we will provide you guidance to get there quick.

If there you can’t find something you are looking on our page, get in touch and we will be happy to help with anything at all to help. 

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar Panels work by harvesting energy from the sun and turning it into power. There is a chemical reaction that occurs (called the Photovoltaic Effect) when the sun hits the panels and long story short, out of the panel comes DC power.

We have written a great article and filmed a cracker of a video on How Solar Panels Work you can read or watch to get the full run down.

Poly VS Mono? What's The Difference?

This topic get’s a lot of airtime but probably unfairly so. Our thoughts, it doesn’t matter. Focus more on a good manufacturer selling good panels. What technology they use is negligible unless you are planning on installing your own solar farm. 

If you want to learn more, yet again we have come to the rescue and written and filmed an article that covers this off in much more detail. Check it out at Polycrystalline VS Monocrystalline Solar Panels.

What Is A Tier 1 Solar Panel?

Another question that will nearly be guaranteed to surface in your solar journey. 

Tier 1 is actually a reference to the top tier on a structure Bloomberg the financial services company made and maintains to help understand the financial viability of solar panel manufacturers. 

Does it matter to you? Not really.

In theory, tier 1 does mean you are buying from a large company that should be around for years to come but there are plenty of good solar panel manufactures that aren’t tier 1. 

Yet again, the legendary team at Teho have made a video and article on this in detail. Check it out here at What Is A Tier 1 Solar Panel?

Solar Panels Available In Australia

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to solar panel manufactures and then panel options in Australia. It’s hard to decide and comparing is tough so our first suggestion is, give us a call or request a free consultation and we will help. Alternatively, read and read and read, then request a free consultation with us. 

Either way, we cover off the high level detail you need to know about some of the manufactures in Australia below. They are in alphabetical order for ease, not in order of any preference. 

Do You Need To Clean Your Solar Panels?

If, they get really dirty yes. If they aren’t dirty, probably not. 

If you panels are on a reasonable tilt which is common, you won’t get much build up that will impact your panels performance. Rain should take care of most dirt and grim. 

If you have flat panels, cleaning may be required as dirt and grim can build up. 

For more information, check out our full report and video on Solar Panels and their cleaning requirements. Do My Solar Panels Need Cleaning?

How Do I Pick The Right Panel?

It isn’t easy. 

It is a balancing act, trying to get the best panel possible within your budget. This is made even more difficult with fluctuations in prices and differences from retailer to retailer.

The best thing to do is to request a free consultation with an Energy Consultant at Teho who can help you navigate your way to the right panel. Just fill out our form and we will be in touch.

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