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Energy Monitors

We believe that saving money on your energy bill starts with you. That means, helping you understanding your usage before you commit to a solar, battery or wind installation.

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Advanced technology to better understand your home usage. From washing machines to air-con. Learn what is impacting your usage.

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Big bills keep turning up and you don't know why? Get a monitor system to better understand where your power is going to work.

What are they?

Energy Monitors (sometimes called Energy Meters or Power Meters) measure your energy usage. Simply, when something draws power off the grid, the meter will track and register what is going on. 

What if I already have Solar?

No problemo! There are some amazing solutions to really understand what is going on with your power. You know whats better than understanding your energy usage? Understanding what you are creating in your very own home power plant!

Running out of questions?

We thought so. It is as simple as it sounds. You can get an understanding of your usage, easily, quickly and reasonably cheaply right now. 

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You have the questions - We have the answers!

Energy Monitor FAQ's

Less than you think! Depending on what level you required, you can install an energy monitor yourself for less than your average quarterly electricity bill. 

An Energy Monitor can help you understand what is using your energy and when. The more you know about your energy usage can significantly impact the value you get out of any renewable products you have fitted (like solar).

Technology has come a long way and most energy monitors are ‘plug and play’style systems. For more information, request an obligation free consultation from one of our team. 

In a lot of cases, yes! Many of the monitors today can give you live usage from a web based or phone based app. Checking in on your home usage is just a few clicks away. 

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