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Sungrow Solar Batteries

Sungrow is a name in renewable energy synonymous with reliable, affordable high quality products. They made their name selling inverters, heaps of them actually which means sometimes they can be overlooked when people are considering a solar battery. Understandably so, when you get famous for something it can often be hard to change that perspective of your brand. 

However, if you are looking at getting a solar battery for your home or business, we 100% recommend you consider a battery from Sungrow. 

They have built a battery that reflects the same values they have in their inverter range. Simple, reliable and affordable. 

Sungrow have been around for donkeys in solar years and produce, in our opinion, the best inverter on the market for the money. So when we heard they were launching a residential scale battery range we were very excited. 

We will cover off everything you need to know about this great battery here however, if you have any more questions or would like a quote, please request a call and one of our amazing team will be in touch.

Sungrow Solar Batteries

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What Capacity Does A Sungrow Come In?

The battery is modular, coming in 3.2kWh modules. One unit can have a minimum of 3 modules (9.6kWh) and scale up to 8 modules (25.6kWh). Once you hit the 8 modules max you can go bigger but you need another unit. Going beyond one unit is uncommon giving the sheer size you end up with but it is very achievable .

How Does It Work?

The Sungrow battery is designed to be used with a Sungrow inverter. Fortunately, this is great because their inverter range is very good. Outside of that, it works like any other solar battery. 

It will automatically store excess power from your solar generation so you can use it later when your usage exceeds your generation. 

Where Is It Made?

China. All Sungrow products are made in China. 

How Long Is The Warranty?

The warranty is 10 years out of the box with one key variable. They will basically guarantee that at the end of the 10 years you will still have at least 70% of the batteries original nominal capacity or at the end of 4000 cycles, whichever comes first. 

General Specifications

To make life easier we have built the table below. It should cover everything you need to know from a general specs perspective. We update it as much as we can however check to make sure before you do anything! We have included heaps of info that to be honest, is useless unless you are a sparky, engineer or serious about research but we thought hey, slap it in there anyways. 

Battery TypeLiFePO4 Prismatic CellLiFePO4 Prismatic CellLiFePO4 Prismatic CellLiFePO4 Prismatic CellLiFePO4 Prismatic CellLiFePO4 Prismatic Cell
Battery Module3.2 kWh, 33 kg3.2 kWh, 33 kg3.2 kWh, 33 kg3.2 kWh, 33 kg3.2 kWh, 33 kg3.2 kWh, 33 kg
Nominal Capacity9.6kWh12.8kWh16.0kWh19.2kWh22.4kWh25.6kWh
Energy (usable)9.6kWh12.8kWh16.0kWh19.2kWh22.4kWh25.6kWh
Nominal voltage192 V256 V320 V384 V448 V512 V
Operating voltage150-219 V200 - 292 V250 - 365 V300 - 438 V350 - 511 V400 - 584 V
Depth of DischargeMax.100 % DOD (settable)Max.100 % DOD (settable)Max.100 % DOD (settable)Max.100 % DOD (settable)Max.100 % DOD (settable)Max.100 % DOD (settable)
Short circuit current3500 A3500 A3500 A3500 A3500 A3500 A
Dimensions (W*H*D)625*545*330625*675*330625*805*330628*935*330625*1065*330625*1195*330
Weight114 kg147 kg180 kg213 kg246 kg279 kg
Installation LocationIndoor / OutdoorIndoor / OutdoorIndoor / OutdoorIndoor / OutdoorIndoor / OutdoorIndoor / Outdoor
Mounting methodFloor StandFloor StandFloor StandFloor StandFloor StandFloor Stand
Degree of protectionIP55IP55IP55IP55IP55IP55
Max. operating altitudeMax 2000mMax 2000mMax 2000mMax 2000mMax 2000mMax 2000m
Cooling methodNatural ConvectionNatural ConvectionNatural ConvectionNatural ConvectionNatural ConvectionNatural Convection


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Sungrow solar batteries are made in China. 

Sungrows battery warranty is 70% at the end of 10 years or 4000 cycles, whichever comes first. 

In our opinion, yes. We think they are good. 

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