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Electric Vehicles

Electric powered cars are still very much an emerging technology. With many more manufacturers spending more time and energy investing in Electric Technology the cars we see today are exponentially better than that over only a few years ago. 

At Teho, we love emerging technology and support all things that help grow and develop that way we use power. This means they aren’t the best value yet, but why not be a trail blazer. 


Tried and tested, Hybrid technology has proven itself on a mass scale as a reliable, effective way to save burning fossil fuels while delivering a great outcome for drivers. 

Pioneered by Japanese car manufacturers like Honda and Toyota, today Hybrid cars are still great options for the environment and fuel savvy a like. The combination of fuel burning and electric engines can achieve amazing efficiency results. 

Buying a new car isn't easy

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Buying a new car isn’t always an easy process. Before even walking into a dealer, you need to pick the right car for you. So let us help.

 At Teho we love renewable energy and the environment. We have combined with some of Australia’s largest dealer groups and brokers to help you pick save money on your next Electric Vehicle or Hybrid vehicle. 

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What's the difference?

EV or Hyrbid

We often are asked EV VS Hybrid? Was the difference and what should I get? 

It’s a tough question. Electric Vehicles are still very much an emerging technology. In Australia, our grid is still very driven by coal. Hybrid is tried and tested and can represent better value. 

So the answer is, it really depends on what you want and need in a vehicle. Read more on our full post on EV VS Hybrid.

So, what's the short answer?

EV and Hybrid Basics

There is no short answer is the answer. However, this is the top things to consider when looking at either a Hybrid of Electric powered vehicle.

Our team of experts coupled with our dealer partners and brokers are always at hand if you have any questions. For more information reach out to one of our team today. 

Electric Vehicles

Powered 100% with energy from a rechargeable electric battery and motor

Hybrid Vehicles

A smaller petrol engine that charges a second electric battery and motor.

How To Pay For Your New EV?

Paying for an EV or Hybrid has never been so easy. The 4 most common options that you can explore when paying for your EV. Cash, a regular car loan, a novated lease or a business loan. While they all have their own features and benefits, some of the incentives to buy an EV on a novated lease have never been more powerful. The team at Novated Lease Australia have said the new changes mean great things for Australian Motorists.

The new government is making EV’s more affordable by effectively making them FBT exempt as of the 1st of July 2022. The new policy will see this discount across all EV’s up to the Luxury Car Tax threshold of $77,565.

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