Commercial Solar

Save OPEX by making the switch to solar

Commercial Solar Made Simple

Reduce OPEX

When you take a step back and look at your business, your operational expenses can be eaten up very quickly by Electricity costs.

When you run your business during the day, especially in Australia, it isn’t cheap just opening the doors. From Air Con in Summer to Heating in winter to lighting every day of the year. It ads up quickly. 

Solar can help you harness power during the day. Use as much of the power you can during the day and offset your energy expenses. 

Commercial Solar - Reduce OPEX
Commercial Solar - Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reduce You Carbon Footprint

In the current world we live in, reducing your carbon footprint is becoming more and more front of mind for consumers. 

Additionally, global warming is real and we should all do what we can to reduce our carbon emissions. 

Not only will solar help you reduce your overall businesses carbon footprint as you generate your own power, it adds another unique selling point and ads to your customer value proposition. 

We will help you offset your bill and get solar on your roof but we will also help you leverage your investment with your customers.

Finance VS Cash

Given solar is an asset that you will be gaining value out of for the next 10 – 20 years there a specialist financiers set up to help pay for solar.

When you are speaking commercial solar finance vs cash, the best thing to do is speak to your accountant. 

Once you have done that a couple things to consider are, how much is your finance repayment vs your current energy bill and  what else could you be doing with the cash? 

Commercial Solar - Cash VS Finance

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