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Installing Solar when you live in Sydney can be one of the most rewarding financial investments you make on your home. Teho can help you get the right panels, the first time.

How Do You Save With Solar In Sydney?

Sydney is one of the best places in the world to install solar on your roof for generation, efficiency and savings. 

Solar works by converting energy from the Sun into electricity that your home can use so when you live somewhere like Sydney that has long sunny days, you can be rewarded well.

When the sun is shining, you can use the energy generated and not have to buy from the grid. If you generate more then you need it will be feed back into the grid for a feed in tariff or fill up your battery if you have one.

How Much Power Do Solar Panels Generate In Sydney?

Solar panels in Sydney will generate approximately 3.9kWh of energy per 1kW of installed solar per day. So, if you have a 5kW solar system you simply multiple 5 by 3.9 which you will then get 19.5 meaning your system will generate around 19.5kWh every single day on average. If you want to do your own numbers the calculation is: 

3.9 X (System size in kW) = Average Daily Generation in Sydney in kWH

What Size System Do You Need?

Every home is different and there are a magnitude of variables that go into deciding what size solar system is right for you. 

Ausgrid say that the average home in Sydney uses around about 15 – 20kWhs of energy every say however with the continued electrification of our homes and the continued uptake in EVs, this will continue to grow. 

Solar batteries are also starting to gain significant traction to help maximise the value from the energy that you are generating on your roof. 

Speak to Teho today and we will help you pick the right system for your home so you can get the most out of your investment. 

What Panels Should I Install In Sydney?

All of the panels we use at Teho and tried and tested in Australian conditions. They have been approved for use in Australia and have been hand selected by the team at Teho. We have written extensionally about the considerations when picking a solar panel however it is very easy to get analysis paralysis when looking into panels. 

The best thing to do is pick a good quality company, that has a good reputation in the industry so you can trust them to install high quality panels. 

What Rebates Are Available In Sydney?

The STC (Small-scale technology certificates) program is alive and kicking in New South Wales. On the average system you will get around $3,000.00 back in the form of a post sale incentive. Generally you will just sign them over to the installer who will show them as a discount and claim them after installation. 

When you go with Teho, we take care of everything and will help you get the best value solar system. 

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How Much Is Solar In Sydney?

Installing solar in Sydney for an average home without a solar battery should cost around about $5K – $9K depending on site specific variables and the products used for the job. Anything less than $5k would be a sub-par quality job and anything more would want to be for good reason. 

How Long Will It Take To Get Installed?

Turn around times in Sydney are very good. If you ordered a system with Teho today, you will have your system installed on your roof in anywhere from 1 – 4 weeks. The average is around 3 weeks from first order however depending on the time of year and external factors it can be pushed ahead or take a little longer. 

The actual installation of the system  will take a good team of installers, installing an average size system about 1 day to complete. This is everything from getting the racking and panels on the roof to wiring, connecting and commission the inverter and system. If you have add a battery it can take a little longer but a good team will still complete an average system in a day. 

Is Solar Worth It In Sydney?

Yes, we think 100% it is worth it. Before you factor in the environmental benefits, financially, a good system in Sydney will pay itself back in around 3 – 5 years. After that you will still have many years of green power to come. 

What Happens If You Have A Blackout?

Generally, when there is a black out your solar system will shutdown until he grid is restored. This is a safety measure as you can’t have energy being pushed back into the grid while it is done. There are solutions to maintain power when their is a black out so if that is something you are interested speak to Teho today. The best option is to add a solar battery to your solar system. 

What Is On A Solar Proposal?

On a solar proposal from Teho you will find all of the information you need to make an educated and informed decision. 

  • The proposed panel layout and design
  • The system financials
  • Break down of ROI
  • Products being used and quoted
  • Links to data sheets and warranty information
  • All terms and conditions relating to the proposal
  • Size of the solar system
  • Expected production of the solar system
  • Total price

Can I Add More Panels In The Future?

It is best to try and get your system size right the first time. Adding more panels to an existing installation can bring up a few challenges that aren’t faced with a brand new installation. For example, often the inverter will be running at it’s optimum  level and not be able to take more solar. 

However, if you have more roof space to accommodate solar, you can most definitely add another solar system to increase your total generation.

If you are considering adding more solar to your home the best thing to do is reach out to an energy expert at Teho today.

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