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What You Need To Know About SMA Solar Inverters

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SMA is one of the largest manufacturers of solar inverters in the world. They are considered in the solar industry as the Grandfather of solar inverters with over 90GW of capacity installed worldwide!

About SMA

SMA is a German company with most of their manufacturing in Germany. In 2017, the company moved its manufacturing of single phase Sunny Boy inverters to China, which the solar industry wasn’t too fond of. Not long after SMA intended to move all manufacturing back to Germany but ended up making a decision to manufacture in China and Germany. It’s unclear which inverter products are manufactured where. 

SMA employs over 3000 people across 18 countries and has reported a 42% increase in sales in 2020. 

SMA has been operating for over 40 years. 

The SMA Range

The most commonly sold versions of the SMA range are the Sunny Boy and Tri Power.

Sunny Boy – the most sold version of SMA in Australia is a single phase inverter, used mostly on residential installations. 

Tri Power – this inverter is SMA’s three phase inverter, used across residential solar installations and small-scale commercial installations.

What Technology Do They Use?

SMA are well known in the industry for manufacturing extremely reliable inverters that stand the test of time. The price of an SMA inverter can be easily double of a Chinese made cheap inverter but will last a lot longer. 

SMA is a safe choice when it comes to reliability and performance. 

SMA has a downside and that is the Sunny Boy does not have an LCD screen. The LCD screen on the inverter is located on the front and shows the data of the inverter and allows the user to change the inverters settings. Without the LCD screen it can make installing and connecting the SMA to Wi-Fi a little more difficult and future work more difficult too. 

We’d love to see the SMA inverter with an LCD screen

Let's Talk Warranty

SMA has a standard 5 year warranty with an upgrade to 10 years available and commonly used in Australia. This warranty covers parts and labour of the inverter.

Manufacturing Locations

SMA manufactures the majority of their solar inverters in Germany, they also have a manufacturing plant in China.

Do They Have An Australian Presence?

SMA has an Australian office in North Sydney, NSW. The address is Level 1/213 Miller St, North Sydney NSW 2060.

SMA can be reached on (02) 9491 4200.

What Do They Look Like?

SMA comes in 2 colours, red and blue. They look good to us because we are keen solar nerds and there’s nothing better than noticing a home with the famous red inverter on the side of their house. For those who aren’t solar nerds, the red and blue colours can be a little too much.

Overall, the design and shape of the SMA does look very neat and attractive.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

SMA has a standard 5 year warranty with an upgrade to 10 years available and commonly used in Australia.

SMA inverters are made in Germany and China. 

We believe SMA inverters are some of the best solar inverters money can buy. 

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