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Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers

We Make It Easy To Buy and Install EV Chargers in Australia

The growth of Electric Vehicles in Australia has been immense and is growing rapidly. With any rapid increase in uptake of any technology, we are faced with some challenges. 

With Electric Vehicles, the first problem you have is charging. Gone are the days of filling up at the petrol station and now your own home is your new charging station. 

At Teho, we have a deep experience in the automotive industry and are EV experts. If you have an EV and are looking to buy one, speak to Teho today about your at home charging options. 

What Do I Need To Do?

Not much! All we need to know is what car you are going to be charing, where you live and a few other basic details and we can quote and install a full charging solution. 

We have access to multiple products across Australia to help get you the best charger in the market for your needs. 

Is My EV Green?

That doesn’t have much to do with the charger your are installing but where the charger is getting the power from. 

If you buy your electricity off the grid 100% from a retailer, it is no more or less green than your TV. Some retailers will offer ‘Green’ power plans however when you buy from the grid you never know exactly what you are consuming. 

The best way to go as Green as possible is to look at Solar for your home or business and consider a storage option like a battery. 

If you can’t plug your car in during the day when the sun is shining the battery can store the energy. When you get home you can charge your car on your very own, clean, green energy.

If you are considering solar to help offset the power you are using to charge your car, speak to Teho today. 

Are EV Vehicles Green


Most frequently asked questions and answers

It depends on what charger you get and installation costs. In Australia a good charger, installed will be around $1,750.00 to $4,000.0.

No! With emerging technologies comes new products and competition. They are all very different. 

In Australia there are public free charging stations. Companies like NRMA and Westfield have installed options for their customers.

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