Top 5 Tips When Buying Solar

We Cover Our Top 5 Tips When Buying Solar

Teho’s Top 5 Tips When Buying Solar

Buy Quality

Buying quality solar gear such as good quality panel’s and a good quality inverter will make a huge difference over the life of your system. 

Cheaper quality panels and inverters have lower efficiencies, higher failure rates and don’t perform as well for the long term.

High quality solar gear performs more efficiently for longer, it’s just that simple – there are no secrets about it.

Undertake A Site Assessment

We strongly encourage you to undertake an in-home site assessment.

The in-home site assessment will ensure the solar retailer or installer truly understands the aspects of the home, the site details, meter box, roof aspects and other site specific variables. 

Why is this so important? 


There’s nothing worse than the day of installation going horribly wrong because the meter board needs an upgrade, the panels don’t fit where you wanted them or the cable run is difficult and the installer is requesting more money to cover the cost.

We also strongly encourage you to undertake an in-home site assessment so you truly understand the investment you are making. 

It’s important to understand how the system will work, how you can monitor the system, what happens on the day of installation and all aspects of the project.

Don’t Buy Purely On Price

When searching for solar eventually your social media and browser will be filled with ads for a flashy 6.6kW Super High Premium, world’s most amazing, mono-perc double glass invincible solar system with infinite amounts of power and the ability to change your life when it’s installed.

For the exclusive low price, shown on your screen.

Hurry buy now before this special ends forever and you can’t get it because somehow the panels are now more expensive……. You get where I’m going with this.

Aggressive marketing and low prices usually mean one thing.

In solar generally, you get what you pay for. 

Oversize Your Solar System

Oversizing your solar system comes with a range of benefits.

Solar systems when designed correctly with high quality products are made to last for twenty five years on your roof. Think about how we will consume power differently over the next twenty five years.

It’s highly likely your car will be fuelled by the energy you use from a charging station at your home.

Plus, adding additional panels to your solar system after an existing system is installed can be very costly relative to the cost of doing it on the first installation.

Change Your Energy Retailer

Changing your energy retailer to a retailer with a higher feed in tariff for the power you send back to the grid can increase the savings from your solar system exponentially. Here at Teho we can help you search and find the best retailer to change to once the solar is installed.

Teho Tip

Don’t change retailers while your solar project is underway, we suggest you wait until the energy meter has been changed or reconfigured by your current retailer before changing. The change over process between retailers can take up to three months. It’s possible your solar retailer or installer will be submitting paperwork to the wrong retailer during the solar project if you change retailers during this process. 

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