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What You Need To Know About LG Solar Panels

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About LG Solar

LG Solar is owned by a massive Korean company, LG (shock hey). They produce high quality solar panels and have been since 2009. While LG isn’t considered a large producer of panels relative to other solar production giants, it is considered one of the largest producers of premium solar panels.

LG focusses much more on producing high quality solar panels rather than lots of average ones.

Their global headquarters is in Seoul, South Korea.  

LG Solar panels are made solely by LG. It’s common practice in solar for some manufacturers to have some of their cells manufactured by an external party. LG manufactures their own solar cells.

The LG Solar Range

LG Solar offers 3 panel ranges to the Australian market:

LG Neon R
LG Neon 2 (also comes in black)
LG Mono X Plus 

The LG Neon R is LG’s most premium panel which also means it’s their most expensive. The Neon R comes with a large output per panel making it a great panel to get the most out of your roof.

LG Neon 2 is the most sold LG panel in Australia, it’s the combination of a very premium panel and slightly cheaper price point within the LG panel range.

LG’s Mono X Plus is their cheaper option, this is for those price con

What Technology Do They Use?

All of LG’s panels are manufactured with Monocrystalline N-type cells. 

Let's Talk Warranty

A premium panel normally comes with a premium warranty and LG certainly does. The product warranty for both the LG Neon R and Neon 2 is 25 years, while the warranty for the LG Mono X Plus is 15 years. 

LG Neon R and the LG Neon 2 – 98% nominal power for the first year and will decline by no more than 0.3% per year with an output of 90.8% at 25 years.

LG Mono X Plus – 97.5% nominal power for the first year and will decline by no more than 0.4% per year with an output of 87.9% at 25 years.

Manufacturing Locations

Being a Korean company the majority of LG’s manufacturing is done in South Korea, this is where the Neon R and Neon X are manufactured. To lower costs and deliver a panel at a cheaper price, LG are manufacturing their Mono X range in China. 

Do They Have An Australian Presence?

LG has a very strong presence in Australia. According to their information they have around 300 employees in Australia and offices in every main city on mainland Australia. We assume not all of these offices and people are for LG solar but work for LG Electronics. 

What Do They Look Like?

Much like SunPower, the LG panel range is very appealing with great aesthetics. We love the black Neon 2 and we also love the black trim on all the LG Panels.

If you are looking for a panel that looks as good as it’s performance, LG is a good option. 

LG Solar FAQs

Most frequently asked questions and answers

LG Neon R and Neon X and made in Korea while the Mono X range is made in China.

Yes, LG Power are a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer.

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