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What You Need To Know About Jinko Solar Panels

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Jinko is the largest manufacturer in China and we are led to believe they are also the largest manufacturer in the world.

About Jinko

Jinko was founded in China in 2006 and as of 2010 they listed on the stock market. Since then Jinko has continued to grow at an enormous rate.

Jinko produces low to medium cost solar panels and they produce a lot of them. They are for the more price sensitive buyer but do offer a higher quality product with a more extensive warranty. 

Jinko has a workforce of over 13,500 staff and is producing upwards of 16GW of solar, which is a lot.

The Jinko Range

Jinko offers 2 ranges of panels to the Australian market, the first is the Jinko Cheetah and the second is the Jinko Tiger. They must love big cats. 

The Jinko Cheetah is certainly the much cheaper option, this panel is on average 330watts and is their most sold panel here in Australia. While Jinko’s Tiger range is the more premium option, with some impressive stats on their datasheet. 

What Technology Do They Use?

Jinko is more well known for producing average panels and lots of them, more than anyone. Jinko was sold here in Australia as a more price sensitive option. Recently the Jinko Tiger is used as a  premium option relative to the Jinko Cheetah, it’s slightly more expensive but there is a lot of value with a more efficient panel and much longer warranty. 

Jinko Cheetah – MONO-Perc Technology

Jinko Tiger – N-Type Monocrystalline

Let's Talk Warranty

The product warranty of the Jinko Cheetah is 12 years, which is aligned with most other Chinese manufacturers. The Jinko Tiger boasts a fairly impressive 20 year product, which places this panel in a more premium category but it comes at a mid range price point. 

Jinko Cheetah – 97% nominal power for the first year and will decline by no more than 0.7% per year with an output of 80.2% at 25 years. 

The Jinko Tiger performance warranty, if true, is very impressive for its price.

Jinko Tiger – 99% nominal power for the first year and will decline by no more than 0.4% per year with an output of 87.4% at 30 years.

Manufacturing Locations

Jinko being chinese company has the majority of their manufacturing facilities in China and they have one in the US.

Do They Have An Australian Presence?

Jinko does have an Australian office in Sydney.

What Do They Look Like?

Jinko solar panels look very much like a traditional solar panel, nothing much to stand out from the crowd.

Jinko FAQs

Most frequently asked questions and answers

The warranty changes from panel to panel. In regards to the product warranty, the Cheetah has a 12 year while the Tiger has a 20 year warranty. Their performance warranty is slightly more complex.

China. They do have one plant in the USA however, nearly everything comes from China.

Yes, Jinko Panels are Tier 1 panels.

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