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What You Need To Know About GoodWe Solar Inverters

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GoodWe is considered a fairly large manufacturer of solar inverters, with over 12GW installed globally. 

About GoodWe

Jiangsu GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co Ltd, more commonly known as GoodWe is a Chinese manufacturer of solar inverters. Founded in 2010, the same year Growatt was founded, GoodWe has been manufacturing solar inverters for over 10 years. GoodWe then moved into the Australian market in 2012, again the same year Growatt did too. Fast Forward to 2020 and GoodWe has floated on the Shanghai Stock exchange.

The GoodWe Range

GoodWe has the largest amount of Hybrid inverters on the market. A Hybrid inverter is basically a solar inverter that is able to work with solar panels to manage production and charging a battery at the same time, while also working with the grid. 

There are 3 versions in the GoodWe range in Australia GoodWe XS Series – this inverter is a single phase inverter with an output of 0.7 – 3kW. We assume the XS means extra small. 

GoodWe DNS Series – this is GoodWe’s most popular inverter, it’s a single phase inverter which ranges from 3-5kW’s. 

GoodWe MS Series – again, a single phase inverter, this inverter range comes with larger output of larger solar installations. The output is 5-10kW’s.

What Technology Do They Use?

GoodWe is considered to be an entry level Chinese manufactured inverter. Their Hybrid inverter range is popular amongst installers who often work with DC battery storage systems.

Their monitoring platform does the job when it comes to understanding the generation from the solar panels.

Let's Talk Warranty

Across all GoodWe inverters is a 5 year warranty. A warranty extension can be purchased for GoodWe inverter, it can be extended as far as 25 years which is an extremely long time for an inverter warranty.

Manufacturing Locations

All of GoodWe’s manufacturing is in China.

Do They Have An Australian Presence?

GoodWe has an office in Australia located in Glenroy (Victoria). The address we aren’t exactly sure of.

What Do They Look Like?

The GoodWe inverter range is mostly white, which is nice when it comes to installing in a garage or on the outside of a property. They also have red variants. It’s generally what you would expect an inverter to look like.

GoodWe Inverters Range

GoodWe FAQs

Most frequently asked questions and answers

GoodWe Inverters have a 5 year warranty which at an additional fee can be extended up to 25 years.

GoodWe Solar Inverters are made in China.

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