DIY Home Solar

Everything you need to know about DIY Home Solar

DIY in Australia is huge. Thanks to the love we have for our homes and the explosion of Bunnings, Australians are doing more and more DIY. 

At Teho, we get a few questions about “DIY Solar” so we thought the time has come to answer those questions. 

Now the first thing is, your home solar feeds back into the grid. When you are doing anything to do with electricity you should be exceptionally careful, competent even. Then when you introduce grid connectivity things get pretty heavy duty. Electricity can kill you and that is very bad. 

Now, if the idea of death doesn’t deter you, to install solar in Australia you need to be a qualified electrician. If you already have solar or are looking, you should be given a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work on completion from your electrician. 

So, to the DIY’ers out there solar is a bit off limits. 

If you are a sparky and googling DIY solar, it probably brings us even more questions than answers.

The moral is, if you are looking at solar, spend your time looking for a good solar installer that will do a good installation with good gear. Don’t waste your time trying to work out how to do it yourself!

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